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The performance of the Peugeot 408 in 2014 Irit League

The performance of the Peugeot 408 in 2014 Irit League

Connotation king usually used to replace the word "most". And the French state made cars that have this lion logo to be the most wasteful of fuel in 2014 Irit League this time.

Naturally, if he becomes the most contestants spent fuel, because it has the greatest capacity machines among others. It was in because the Peugeot 408 with a capacity of 1,997 cc pinned unit without using the turbo.

While other candidates have an engine capacity of 900 cc - 1,800 cc. Even partial use turbo technology to help alleviate the performance of the engine when running the car.

In addition, the Peugeot 408 is also still using the conventional automatic transmission with 4 gearshift. Like it or not, the lack of gear ratio makes it increasingly difficult to regulate the rhythm on the road full of challenges such as the Efficient League this time.

Not to mention, the gearshift was yanked and often slow to anticipate the needs of workers in the road uphill. But for urban roads are rarely climbs, 408 class cars are still quite capable of origin did not meet the traffic.

Round maintained for fuel efficiency weight is heavy enough to give effect to the use of fuel
Naturally, when the Peugeot 408 less than other cars. Engine speed reaches 2,500 rpm when dikecepatan 100 km / h, he requires 33.23 liters PERTAMAX for a distance of 357.2 km (10.74 km / l). Whereas the average speed on this route reaches 36.8 km / h. It is in because we found quite a lot of bad points when the go and return.

In the city, the Peugeot 408 also must acknowledge all the other contestants. With an average speed of only 14.8 km / h because of severe congestion, requires 19.57 liters PERTAMAX 408 for a distance of 105 km. (5.36 km / l).

AC temperature is set at the level being set at the level of the AC temperature being a conventional automatic transmission became an obstacle to efficient
To save fuel, which we do is to keep the engine rotation so that no more than 2,000 rpm while the kota.S ementara on the route out of town we outsmart by keeping the engine rotation is not more than 2,500 rpm.
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