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New Honda HR-V 2015 Made in Indonesia paved in Malaysia?

New Honda HR-V 2015 Made in Indonesia paved in Malaysia?

Honda HR-V SUV Recent 2015. After premiering for the ASEAN market in Indonesia through the prestigious titled Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2014, which followed on the mainland Thailand last November, now the figure of the New Honda HR-V in 2015 were recorded pave in the streets of Malaysia or rather in Sentul East, Kuala Lumpur.

Indeed according to plan the Honda that this SUV will be produced in Indonesia began in January 2015 and reportedly will also be marketed in several other countries including Malaysia itself. With her elegant plus more interesting features in it is not surprising that the younger brother of the Honda CR-V is highly in demand by the ASEAN community. Even in Indonesia alone there were already thousands of people who ordered this car although delivery can only be done by next year.

Honda HR-V 2014

Meanwhile, according to media Paultan.org reportedly for the Malaysian market Honda HR-V will go on sale in the first quarter of imported directly from Indonesia, which of course has the same engine options with the Indonesian market, namely a capacity of 1,500 cc four-cylinder gasoline engine-powered 120 PS.

As for the other option equipped kitchen runway capacity of 1.8 liters, which has the power to 139 PS, the two machines are combined by a CVT automatic transmission and a five-speed manual transmission. It"s just that there has been no word on the price of Honda HR-V 2015 for the Malaysian market, while for the Indonesian market nan stylish cool car is priced around USD 243 million.

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