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Tested the BMW X4 Latest in Indonesia

Tested the BMW X4 Latest in Indonesia

BMW SUV range in the country getting richer by the presence of the BMW X4. Carrying the concept of Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV), he reminds us of the models BMW X6 that era was born in 2008.

We had the opportunity to brief date with the latest X4 Terminal Motor facilitated. Quite special indeed, as the new General Importer two days to bring this car to the garage.

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The model we tried was the xDrive28i variant Xline. In appearance it is not too significant, even so similar to the X3. He looks forward only different from the bumper looks more muscular, while the grille and the hood is almost the same.

Also the side to the back door, we still difficult to distinguish between the X3 and X4. But from the side, too obvious characteristic of this SAV coupe. X4 51 mm shorter than the X3. The victim is a high reduction in the rear passenger headroom.

Entrance to the cabin, the atmosphere offered not much different from other BMW SUV. Semi-bucket front seat models, quite soft and comfortable because leather lined. Improvement facilities electrical seat also comes as standard.

Comfortable enough head room, plus a sunroof that can be opened fully to make the atmosphere outside the cabin felt to the inside. Overall the features in this car is quite complete. There are four driving modes (Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport, Sport +), Cruise Control Dynamic traction control, dual zone auto climate control, Hill Descent Control, automatic headlights and wipers and many others.

Enjoyment cabin also felt when sitting in the back seat. With our posture, still very comfortable headroom and legroom so roomy. The rear seat can also be folded fully to give extra baggage from 500 liters to 1,400 liters. Another unique feature is the sensor in the rear trunk door that opens and closes when the sense movement in the foot under the rear bumper.

Take a position behind the wheel we were curious how the distinctive taste of Sedan Coupe 4 series carried in this SAV. Powered engine is likely to hold the BMW 428i Gran Coupe has. The details are 1.997cc unit 4-cylinder turbo-powered 245 hp and torque of 350 Nm. Unfortunately, this machine only petrol version and no diesel version as the X3.

When we select Drive Eco Pro mode, the engine drove decently. Typical wheel drive system xDrive entire working with variable torque distribution through the 8-speed automatic transmission. With this composition, claims fuel consumption to 100 miles can be redeemed only with the 7.3-liter.

Move to Comfort mode, we started pampered car"s suspension is so soft. Unlike when entered into the Sport and Sport + modes. With hardened suspension, claims 0-100 km / h in 6.4 seconds completed. Maximum performance BMW X4 xDrive28i Xline make Terminal Motor membandrolnya high enough in the rate of Rp 1.39 billion (off the road) in Jakarta.

In addition to the above excellent features, you"ll get a cool rims wrapped in 245/50 R18 tire size. Not only that, the hallmark of which is loaded with X4 coupe buttocks plus attractive lamps hang dual exhaust hole on the left side of the rear bumper so clearly separate identity.

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