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Testing Toyota Etios Valco Irit League 2014

Testing Toyota Etios Valco Irit League 2014

Machine Toyota Etios Valco labeled 3NR-FE 1,197 cc 4-cylinder without fronted advanced technologies such as variable valve. Transmission is only a 5-speed manual. It has been put together with the exhaust manifold to reduce engine exhaust emissions. Reduction of production costs seem as a major concern.

Interestingly, torque of 104 Nm is reached at 3,100 rpm rotation. While power 79 hp available at 5,600 rpm rotation. Here we see the gap to fish torque potential for routes within the city. Applications square stroke in the cylinder makes it able to create torque at as low as 3,100 rpm rotation. An advantage that no other rival.

Probe further, we seek to maximize the gear ratio manual transmission. Seen that the gear ratio 1 Etios is 3.545: 1, while the 2, 3, 4, and 5 are respectively its 1,913: 1, 1,310: 1, 0.973: 1 and 0.804: 1. While the final gear reaches 4,294: 1.

Looking at the combination of engine and transmission gear ratios above, we decided to maximize traction initially very strong for the next role was taken over by the momentum of torque.

Relying on one big teeth, each engine start round Etios Valco "thrown" into the range of 2,200 rpm, to further passed to the teeth 2. Differences high gear ratio makes the engine rev down dramatically. Utilizing the remaining amount of momentum, refined gas pedal until 1,500 rpm for further passed to 3rd. Similarly, 4 and 5, adapted to the road conditions.

So that the spin machine did not go down too far when downshift and lose momentum, need sharpening feeling when "stop and go". Pasnya, rev the engine should not drop below 1500 rpm. We also always keep a safe distance to the car in front so as not to stop completely and "forced" to use 1st gear back.

Our struggle to pay off the first rank in the city with the fuel consumption of 11.9 km / l. So, what in the toll?

Peak torque is obtained at low speed engine
At the beginning, we use techniques such as in the city. The move is less effective because we have to reach cruising speed required. As a result, the gas pedal must be pressed deeper so that power can be tapped Etios.

Little "helped" when traffic jam hit some point. The method can be used again in the city. It was often ineffective because of the dynamic road conditions forced us downshift and pressing the gas pedal deeper.

Even when driving in Cipularang deng contours way up and down. Maximum torque at low rpm makes it fast running out of breath when through long climbs. Downshift often done to maintain the momentum. Practically, all the way Etios often use low gear.

Hence, highway fuel consumption records Etios Valco only 17.9 km / l. Indeed, it is still better than other rivals. But in his class, he lost Brio Satya and Karimun Wagon R

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